1. Obtain a copy of the appropriate channel log file, and the other logfile contained in the directory dircproxy logs to.
  2. Use dircp-mergeattr.pl to merge the channel and other log. Certain global events (user quits, and nick changes) are stored in the other file; the perl script merges those pertinent to the channel into the channel log. The merged log is dumped to standard out.
  3. Use convtime.pl to change the Unix timestamps in the merged log into [HH:MM] timestamps with DATE: entries to signify the calendar ticking over. It's needed for the next step. convtime.pl is a filter, stdin to stdout.
  4. Use Gruftistats, with the dircproxy.lrx format definition, to produce a stats page.

I log to ~/irclog. To generate a stats page for #foobar, I would do the following in a directory containing the below files:

      ./dircp-mergeattr.pl "~/irclog/#foobar" "~/irclog/other" | ./convtime.pl > foobar.tmp
      gruftistats -r myconfig.conf -p dircproxy.lrx foobar.tmp > foobar-stats.html

This is all early stuff. I suck at perl. Use at your own risk.

You'll have to rename the files from .txt, sorry.

[   ] convtime.pl             08-Jan-2003 23:53     1k  
[   ] dircp-extrdate.pl       08-Jan-2003 23:53     1k  
[   ] dircp-mergeattr.pl      08-Jan-2003 23:53     4k  
[   ] dircproxy.lrx           08-Jan-2003 23:53     2k