This is my (minor) alteration of the TCount 3.2 sources, as kindly released by Scott Jordan. Basically, I took the sources he emailed me and massaged them to compile in Turbo C 2.01 (it's free; there'll be a link somewhere at The Free Country).

It differs from v3.1 in that there are two versions, TCOUNT and ZCOUNT, the latter of which supports ZDoom. Note that as outlined in Scott's email:

The bad news is that somehow, I managed to lose the original. What you've got here is a copy which I'd just started to turn into a Hexen stats program. It had not gotten much further than just testing the greeting. That's why this is listed as v32 instead of v31.

What you've got here should be the same as v3.1 It compiled and gave the same numbers tonight as it did several years ago. Since all my 3.1 copies got trashed somehow, I had to download a copy off to get a copy of the originally released .zip file.

So basically, this is released now so any bugs unnoticed by me (my testing has basically consisted of comparing the results from TCOUNT, and ZCOUNT on zwadconv'd levels, to v3.1) get caught.

My current plans are to clean up the source, porting to 32 bit in the process, and integrate Doom/ZDoom functionality into the one executable.

Files to grab:

Scott's terms on distribution were "Please feel free to modify and distribute this, and the other data files, as you wish" - it would probably be polite to drop him a line if you decide to fork the code.

Enjoy :)

Andrew Francis